White Paper: Guide to carbon offsetting

Date: August 2019

Client: Corporate Traveller

Project Type: White Paper – Copywriting

The Client

Corporate Traveller is the UK’s largest travel management company dedicated to partnering with companies with small – medium travel spend requirements. Corporate Traveller are part of the Flight Centre Travel Group.

A unique blend of expert service and technology, across our 20 UK locations and global Flight Centre Travel Group, means we not only guarantee exclusive rates, but we do this with a personal and seamless touch.

The Brief

Aspart of a wider awareness programme about eco-friendly travel, Corporate Traveller wanted to create a white paper that promoted how travellers could offset their carbon emissions while travelling.

They needed someone to research the topic and create a 1,500-2,000 word white paper that promoted the company as a thought-leade rin this area and to encourage people to take action to reduce their carbon footprint. 


The Solution

To begin, I researched the topic utilising content provided by Corporate Traveller as well as independent research. The copy was crafted to first explain what carbon offsetting is and what the associated positive benefits of it are. 

Corporate Traveller were keen to ensure that the white paper was balanced and requested that I acknowledge the negative press that does occur around the topic but to also provide the facts of carbon offsetting so that traveller could make an informed decision on their next trip. 

I included the initiatives that Corporate Traveller run that help their traveller be more environmentally friendly when they travel. 

After completion and approval of the copy, the content was delivered to the Corporate Traveller marketing team to have designed into the final white paper in-house. 

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