Shannon Watson

Marketing Specialist

Bringing over 15 years of marketing and communications expertise to your business

My Story

I am a classically trained marketer with a BComm Marketing & Communications Management degree plus a post-graduate BComm Business Management Honours degree (like a UK masters) specialising in marketing. I began studying marketing and communications almost 20 years ago. I didn’t fall into this field by chance, and I have been part of it as it evolved over time. 

My work focuses on both the strategic side of marketing and developing effective marketing tactics to fulfil these strategies. I’m best described as a general marketer. I understand and utilise the full range of marketing tools available to businesses. I don’t push one agenda, angle or channel. Some people are fantastic digital marketers, and others have a knack for visual branding. However, many find it challenging to pull it all together to provide a holistic approach to marketing. That is where I find my niche! 

Having worked in the field for many (many) years, I have been deeply involved in all aspects of marketing. I look at marketing from a holistic perspective. Where I excel is bringing it all together to make it work for you.

The types of questions I ask are…

What matters most to your clients? How are you solving their problems? What does your business need? Are you going to find your ideal clients surfing the web, scrolling through social media or down at the local networking event? How do we let your ideal clients know that you exist, what you’re about, and how you can help them get tangible results?

Are you ready to explore these questions with me? And get answers and results too?

My Approach

I have a flexible and personalised approach to marketing for small and medium-sized businesses so you can get more clients and make more sales.

If you don’t have the time, resources, skills or desire to run your marketing in-house, I can help by managing it for you. You will find that my virtual marketing services are comprehensive and we choose to work on the ones that will make the most difference in your business. 

But there is another way too!

If you want to LEARN how to run effective marketing for your small business but don’t yet have the skills or know where to start, my one-to-one marketing workshops will help you get them.

You will learn to have full control over your future marketing and save money in the long run by bringing your marketing in-house while still seeing results in more sales and clients! We work on your business during these workshops so you get actionable marketing and not vague examples.

Get your marketing started today.

Do you need a marketing plan to get you started?

I know the thought of creating a marketing plan can be overwhelming. I can assure you though that it can be straight-forward. It also doesn't have to run to tens of pages. I like to keep things simple... and marketing plans to a single page. 

Download a free copy of my Small Business Marketing Plan structure for your business now.